Monday, September 29, 2008

Extract Cab Files From EXE - Pocket PC

Hi there,

I recently bougth a HTC Diamond, which unfortunately is not linux based.

I started to download some aplications and noticed that many off them were exe files for Windows XP or Vista, so i had to use Windows XP or Vista via Active Sync to install them, and that some were cab which i could copy to my PDA via Windows or Linux if when i pluged in the usb cable i select the disk option an not active sync, which made my PDA apear as a USB Pen Drive.

Later on e noticed that the Windows XP or Vista exe, only copied a cab file and executed.
So i tried to find were did the cab was and found that the cab file was temporaly in:


so i thougth that i could catch the cab rigth before installing it, and i succeded.

Basicly what i did was to execute the exe in Windows Xp, them PDA asked if i wanted to install the cab that the exe on Windows XP tranfered i said yes, and that's when you reach the below screen

Now i hit the home button on the PDA to select the file explorer in order to copy the cab, that is temporarily at Windows\AppMgr\Install to another location on PDA, so that you can store it on your PC so that when you want to install it i can do it from linux.

So i selected the explorer as shown bellow.

And went to Windows\AppMgr\Install where the cab was temporarily and copied it to another location on my PDA and canceled the install process in the first picture, but if you wan you can install.

I have tried to copy the cab before the screen on the first picture when it asks if you want to install, but it keep disapering, and the instalation being canceled.

And thats it! Happy Cab Hunt!