Saturday, July 14, 2012

How to Get Free Cisco Books (Routers and Switches)

Recently I had a problem with a cisco 2960 switch, to solve it I needed to do a password recovery, so I tried the Ctlr + Break/Pause procedure that I had learned on the CCNA classes, and it didn’t work, so I went online serching for more information an found the following a online book (webpage):

“Catalyst 2960 and 2960-S Switch Software Configuration Guide”

This book has all the cisco 2960 possible commands and configurations for a particular IOS version, and you can download it freely in PDF.

In this book I found that for this particular equipment the recovery was done in a diferent way.

So I went on google and tried searching for other equipments:

Google: Cisco xxxx Software Configuration Guide

and found the same type off manual.

These manuals are a great source of information, in these you can see what the equipment can do, and how to do it, this is especially important if it’s done in a different way from the other equipments.

I highly recommend that you get these for every cisco equipment/IOS that you work with.