Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Windows – SSH SOCKS Proxy

If you have a Raspberry Pi or any Linux machine at home, you can use it as an SSH Proxy with the help of SSH and exit to the Internet via you home conection/IP.

Some of the advantages are:

  • Privacy (SSH Traffic is Encrypted)
  • Bypassing Local Security Policies (Access Blocked Services)

no aditional configuration needed on the SSH server

You only need to forward port 22 on your internet router to the linux host on your LAN (no aditional configuration needed on youre Linux SSH server).

Now that you have port 22 forwarded to you Linux in you home Lan, from somewhere on the Internet setup an Dynamic SSH Tunnel on Putty like show bellow (replace the  with your own Public IP):





The tunnel will remain working as long this Putty windows is open:


Now on your Browser (or any other aplication that supports it) you must configure the Socks Proxy to point to the local end of the Dynamic SSH Tunnel, and that’s it.

Now all your browser’s traffic will be sent to the local port 8080 wich SSH wil tunnel it to you home where it will exit via you linux machine.

Here I show how to set up the Socks Proxy on IE (Internet Explorer).

Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings > Proxy Server > Advanced


You can go on your browser to:

to confirm see Public IP and confirm from wich connection you entering the internet

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